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Neurological Target Acquisition and Deployment System


Why The N-TAD System

The N-TAD System creates a range shooting EXPERIENCE like you have never witnessed before and at a very affordable price.  The disposable random light sequence trains your neurological system by causing your brain to react to the stimulus created by the N-TAD System.  While reacting to lights, which engage at different locations and varying speeds, a shooter must stay focused while the lights are intermittently flashing or choose to take the shot.   This allows shooter to find the fine-line between shooting fast and shooting accurately.

Tim shooting right hand 2.jpg


Different colored lights are placed integrated with targets, representing which bullseye on the target to shoot towards.  The lights randomly flash at different locations and varying speeds.


Adjustable timing

The N-TAD System can be manually controlled to speed up, or slow down the speed of the lights by a simple turn of a knob.

Emmett Green right.jpg


Shooting firearms is not always about pulling the trigger when you wish.  The randomized light system will pause or show different colored lights when the shooter is to hault or fire.

box plugs zoomed.jpg

Easy to set up and use

The N-TAD System takes less than a minute to set up.  Simply plug in the disposable backstop to the magnetic control box, turn the system on and easily connect the backstop to the track system


Disposable Light System

The lights are mounted on are disposable backstop.  If you shoot a wire or light, for a reasonable price you can replace the system.

View rece.jpg

Have Fun

Not only is the N-TAD System a great training aid but allows the user to experience a shooting range like they never have before.  You will not walk away from the N-TAD System without a smile on your face.


The N-TAD System increases awareness while creating a fun shooting environment like you have never experienced

We founded N_TAD System with one goal in mind: providing high-quality, carefully developed products, made for everyone. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to propel us going forward. We know that every shot counts, and strive to make your entire shooting experience as rewarding as possible. Don't settle for anything but the best—check us out for yourself.

Retired SFC Clyde (Emmett) Jarvis and Founder of Team Anvil HQ explains how the N-TAD System has helped him as an experienced combat trained instructor.



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