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"I have used the N-TAD System a couple of times and i have only gotten better every rep.  This system is definitely a knife sharpener!"

Emmett Jarvis
          Retired SFC ARMY           18 years of service

"The shooting range industry hasn't had a new innovation for nearly 50 years.  The N-TAD System is such a simple system and easy to use.  This system is what the shooting range industry has been waiting for and will completely change recreational shooting, police and military training."

Shanon Santoro
US Army Veteran

"The N-TAD System really forces you to sit back and react to what you see rather than anticipate shooting.  When I shoot on an isolated target, I am making the decision on where and when to shoot.  As a prepared civilian that wants to be better at carrying and defensive shooting, this system is by far the best tool that can be used."

Sean, General Manager national shooting range

Videos of the system in use

Below you will see shooters using the system indoors as well as outdoors

Emmitt Jarvis on CQB

Former war fighter and current trainer talks about CQB and the advantages of the N-TAD System

Outdoor shooting range at a night shoot working on tactical training.

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